About Analytical Synthesis, LLC:

Analytical Synthesis seeks to add value for clients and to society in a variety of ways. We seek to foster useful financial innovations. We provide unbiased financial advice and promote financial literacy and understanding. We work with other institutions to provide helpful quantitative and financial tools.

Analytical Synthesis, LLC is managed by Jonathan Reiss, CFA. He has 25 years of experience applying quantitative methods and insights to create financial solutions. Most of his career was at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., Inc. and the firm now called AllianceBernstein, LP. Among other positions, he was head of international fixed income investments and Director of Fixed Income Research. Jonathan also developed advanced wealth planning tools and provided advice to extremely high net worth families and large institutions.

Jonathan Reiss is the author or coauthor of:
    Hedging Your Hedge-Fund Bet  (Barrons, July 31, 2006),
    The Enviable Dilemma: Sell, Hold or Hedge your Highly Concentrated Stock  (Journal of Wealth Management, Fall 2004),
    The Impact of Expected Return Uncertainty on Long Horizon Risk and Allocation Decisions   (Analytical Synthesis Working Paper No. 2, 2005)
    Global Bond Portfolio Management: A Disciplined Approach (in Perspectives on International Fixed Income Investing, Frank Fabozzi, ed.),
    Revisiting Mean Variance Optimization  (Journal of Portfolio Management, Summer 2001)
    and others.

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