Current Projects

Fostering the Development of Housing Derivatives:
- Market-making in CME Housing Futures
- Working Paper: Envisioning the Future of the Housing Market
- Presentations to Conferences, Endowments and Pension Funds
- What can we learn from housing futures?
Commenting on the financial markets and risk
- Warning about subprime mortgages (NY Times, Nov. 2006)
- Financial Times warning on risk and credit crisis
- Barrons on hedge funds
- Others (see Publications)

Building tools to help individuals assess retail financial projects
Financial products such as credit cards, adjustable-rate mortages and reverse mortgages are complex enough that individuals have difficulty assessing their attractiveness or their risks. Some financial institutions use this complexity to hide large fees and other traps. Our goal is to build a suite of calculators that will help individuals determine whether financial products are suitable for their needs.


- Wharton - University of Pennsylvania: Lecture to graduate class in Financial Time Series
Lecture on Risk and Time Horizon Mar. 26, 2008

- Wharton - University of Pennsylvania, Lecture to Graduate class on
Causes of the Credit Crisis and Possible Solutions
Feb. 23, 2009

Working Paper: The Impact of Expected Return Uncertainty on Long Horizon Risk and Allocation Decisions

 Working Paper: Understanding and Fostering Important Financial Innovations

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